Low Poly river God³ Chromosomes Development

Day / Night Cycle & Season System

That’s right, we completed and implemented the season system as well as the day and night cycle system in God³, The day and night cycle is very self explanatory, the user will be able to decide how much a day lasts and in the course of that day temperature and weather conditions will change rising up and dropping down depending on the current time.

Here you can see some footage :

But that’s not all we got, we also implemented seasons that will change during the course of the year (you did guess it, did’t you? 😛 ) seasons will also have an impact on the climate of the world, depending on the season you are currently in the temperature value will be higher or lower, weather will also change according to seasons and temperature.

Obviously as a god you will have the chanche of modifying the climate of your world, but the alterning of seasons is something that you and the habitants of your world will have to take in consideration when making choiches, unfortunately there’s not much footage to show about them since their impact cannot be seen directly yet, we’ll probably show you what we mean later in development. In the meantime you could let us know what you would like implemented by commenting this post or following us on twitter.

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