god³ new development plans and features

After about 2 months of inactivity on the blog i decided it was time to get back writing, here you will find all the new plans, features and changes that there were to the game in these months.

Game name : 

Right now there is a plan to change the game name to something easier to remember and to search, there are a few names in mind but nothing really seems to fit and that’s why the change is taking a long time to happen.

Development plan :

The development plan of the game was also refine, we now have a Trello page with all the things we still need to do and the things we have done, right now all the map pieces are being developed, there will be 12 in total to give the option of creating 2 different maps (6 cube faces each).



Selection function :

We also implemented a selection function in the game which lets you select most of the objects in the world by displaying a UI where you can see information and interact with the object itself.

NPC models :

We also made all the NPCs models using assets from @MeshTint which proved to be high quality, here’s an image of most of them :



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