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Introduction to God³

Introduction to God³

God³ is the game that we are developing, the project started a few weeks ago after different months of thinking while we were developing an other game and implemented the last features.

The art style :

The game will have a simple art style : low poly, you may have already heard about it and it’s really popular among developers, here’s something that could give you an idea of the models we are going to use :

Low poly Landscape Chromosomes Development

Features :

There are a lot of features floating on our minds and we are still unsure about some of them while we will be adding others in the next months, here’s a partial list of the things we would like to include in the game :

  • NPCs with lots of different interactions (killing,spawning,controlling,modify…)
  • Wide map to explore, most likely hand crafted and not procedurally generated
  • Quest/Missions to complete
  • Godly powers to interact with the world and especially with the NPCs, we would like to reserve a special place to Player-NPC interactions
  • Seasons with different effects to the world.
  • Some kind of background story (still to define)

Many more features are planned but cannot be revealed just yet.

Map Style :

The map will be developed on the inner faces of a cube, it may seem strange and unusual, and in fact, it is ! We wanted to add something to the gameplay that would make it unique in some way, it may not seem something really important but having a world model different from the classic flat one brings in many options and adds depth to the gameplay.

just immagine flipping the world arround while you kill anything that tries to escape from you, or again, discovering a new power on a desert land and quickly moving to the forest growing on the other face of the map to try it.

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